GoPro Model YHDC5170

The Yhdc5170 – GoPro’s Best Model Yet

new gopro model yhdc5170 camera

The ultimate model of GoPro camera is the GoPro model yhdc5170. The yhdc5170 is GoPro’s top of the line camera. It may break the bank a little to have the elite version of this camera, however, it is better than nothing. The GoPro model yhdc5170 is riddled with goodies. The first good thing about this camera is the ability to take videos with a high FPS rate. FPS means frames per second. This is the measure of how many frames there are within a second of recording. Most GoPro action sports video cameras only have 60 Frames per second maximum.

The Highest Frames Per Second Rate

GoPro Hero Extreme Camera

However the GoPro model yhdc5170 has 120 Frames per second maximum. This makes the yhdc5170 the superior model to all of the cameras that have come before it. I was hesitant at first and thought that my GoPro camera wouldn’t be compatible with my computer since I was running Windows XP on it. Luckily GoPro software is recognized by any Windows computer. If you are worried about this not working with your computer then you can stop. I use the GoPro model yhdc5170 just fine with my Macbook Air and my Toshiba Satellite laptops and have no problems whatsoever with functionality. However, there are some things you should be worried about with the GoPro model yhdc5170.

Things To Watch Out For With The YHDC5170 Model

Video Sports Camera Model yhdc5170

The main problem is the need for a case. This camera is fragile and if it is dropped it might cause the camera lens to shatter. If you shatter your GoPro lens then the only option really is to buy a completely new camera. Since nobody wants to buy a new camera, you should consider getting a case to make sure that your GoPro model yhdc5170 doesn’t get the lens shattered before you can even really get some cool footage with it. My favorite thing to do with my GoPro is to bring it out in the rain with a waterproof case on and film in the rain.

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GoPro Chest Mount Stability

Top Ways to Mount Your GoPro Video Camera to Your Chest

top gopro chest mount stability camera

If you are looking for a way to secure your GoPro to your chest using some sort of mount then you have come to the right place. The best way to secure something to your chest is usually using a vest with MOLLE mounts. MOLLE is a military technology developed years ago that was made for lightweight body attachments for our military members. The great thing about MOLLE is how durable the material is. Usually it is made from a high density polyester that won’t rip or tear easily.

Why Mount with a MOLLE System?

MOLLE allows for all sorts of different carry. If you like to film with a camera on your chest or a camera on your helmet then MOLLE is the perfect material. The absolute best way to have GoPro chest mount stability is to make sure that you buy quality materials. Quality materials are the way to go because if you start with quality, then the system will last you a long time.

Can I Mount to my Chest Using Duct Tape?

gopro camera mounted

The problem with duct tape is that you have a couple hundred dollar camera held by a weak adhesive. If you think that duct tape will hold your GoPro setup to your chest, I wish you the best of luck. However, a commercially bought system will do you much more justice than a simple roll of tape.

What is the Best Mounting System?

gopro top chest mount for stability

I recommend a Carhartt vest to use as a base for your system. Carhartt makes quality clothing that lasts over the years. If you are looking to create the maximum GoPro chest mount stability then start with Carhartt. Most jackets are less than a hundred dollars, but they will last a lifetime.

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How Much Are GoPro Cameras?

GoPro Cost And Price Analysis – Is It Worth It?

So how much do GoPro video cameras cost without accessories? They certainly cost more than many are willing to spend. But, what do you get at that cost? You get a state of the art camera that will take a video while sustaining massive shock at incredible frame rates. A couple of hundred dollars is definitely worth the purchase.

gopro adventure camera action sports

Is There Anything Cheaper?

Well, there are cheaper action sports video cameras out there, but the GoPro line is the mainstream for a reason. That reason is that they are simply the best. I remember, one day I took my GoPro video camera to work and I asked myself, “How much are GoPro cameras really? I mean, I get so much value from this thing that I can’t really put a price on it.” Unfortunately, I love my GoPro HERO4 Silver so much that I think I may never buy another action sports video camera ever again!

how much are gopro cameras

What Can I Expect To Pay?

Well, unless you are getting the GoPro HERO4 Black, I’d say that you could easily get any of their cameras for under five hundred dollars. It would certainly be a somewhat large investment, but it worth every penny in my opinion. How much are GoPro cameras? Just enough to keep me buying their product.

The Most Boring Article About Go Pro Cameras You’ll Ever Read

Alright, so there are some things that you need to know before you go off and buy your first Go Pro camera. The first thing that you should remember is that…



Excellent, now that we have gotten that out of the way, lets get into all the basics of this action sports camera review without the technical details. The cheapest option is the Go Pro HERO which is your basic Go Pro camera. It will suffice for most usages. Unfortunately, the camera is fused to the housing so you can’t add much on. The next step up is the HERO3 White. Now, I do not recommend the HERO3 White because the only thing that you get on top of the basic HERO is WiFi Capabilities. However, the HERO3+ Silver I do recommend. The great thing about the HERO3+ Silver is that the frame rate is much better than the previously mentioned model. However, for the price, I believe that the HERO4 Silver is the best bang for your buck. The HERO4 can get up to 120 frames per second, has better low light clarity, has a built in LCD, and has almost perfect slow motion capabilities. The HERO4 Black is really only for professionals since it shoots 4K video and doesn’t have a build in LCD screen. So what does this all mean?

What I recommend for the Average Person: Go Pro HERO

video camera go pro hero

Why? Low Price Point, Works Great For Most Uses, Easy To Use



What I recommend for the Avid Athlete or Video Producer:  Go Pro HERO4 Silver


hero 4 action sports camera review from go pro

Why? Built in LCD, 120 Frames Per Second Videos @ 720p, Excellent Low Light Clarity


Bottom line: GoPro makes an excellent action sports camera that can be used for any sport or event where there will be a lot of movement. GoPro specifically engineered their cameras in order to handle shock and being dropped. Any GoPro camera that you purchase you most likely will be stoked with.